Monday, July 14, 2008

Bought & Souled

should it be a matter of true concern
should It be reason my anger might burn
should I take it in stride when it's all said and done
should I chalk it up to being a game and a matter of fun?
even though it wasn't meant to do harm
and was actually to be a game with a fair amount of charm
it still gives me reason to offer an opinionated voice
the fact of the matter, in this game of being bought & sold, I wasn't given a choice
So please forgive me as I rant rather than rave
to me it seems kind of foul & has me feeling like a slave
reminding me of those days of old
passed along like a hand me down, being bought & sold
and for glamour
we clammer
hoping for favor shown
hoping, by the masses our names are known
trying to remain an island without being stranded
doing what the cost of fame has demanded
and you've souled out and by fame you're controlled
worded verbatim as your story is told
as the tale continues to unfold
the world is witness to how your "brand" is bought & souled

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


words are meaningless to some & defining to others
words in context are relative like Mothers, Fathers, Sisters & Brothers
words are how we communicate
words are the tools of debate
words are used when we delegate
words can make one happy as well as IRRATE
words are powerful & strong
words make up lyrics to each & every song
words are rarely silent & always on the mind
words are expressions of inner thought defined
words can tell both a happy & a sad story
words can define if action is one of deceit or glory
words communicate fact, fiction, truth, & lie
words are the reason some live and the reason by which others die